Top 13 Brilliant Pressure Washer Use & PSI Guide For Each Use

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Cleaning is an arduous job that requires a lot of your time and energy, especially when you have to clean the whole home. The best way to make cleaning more enjoyable and faster is a pressure washer.

You may already be familiar with the fact that pressure washers can do magic on driveways, sidings and patios, but there are so many other items in your home that pressure washers can bring back to life.

As a housewife, I’m really crazy about cooking and baking, but not the cleaning part of it. The idea of rubbing the burned food from the grill, the baking tray and pots puts me off experiencing cooking new dishes.

Then one day, after a moment of absent mindedness, I left my chicken wings burned to ashes in the oven. There was no way to save the grease pan so I threw it in the garden to take it to the trash bin later. My husband was cleaning our front deck so he conveniently sprayed the pan.

Magically, it was spotlessly cleansed. I thanked my husband for this “life-saving” act.

And my life is much easier from that moment. Learning from that experience, I’ve tried cleaning a lot of other items with a pressure washer (of course with my husband’s help) and found out that pressure washers are amazing.

So to make it easier, the infographic below will tell you which items you can clean with a pressure washer along with the required PSI and nozzles.

Before you start, it’s important to protect yourself with goggles, long pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt. And please don’t ever wear flip-flops, put on a pair of sturdy shoes and you’re good to go.

Top 13 pressure washer use and psi guide for each use case: home exterior, deck, fencing, vehicles, walkways, patio furniture, lawn and garden tool, rug and carpet, trash can, oven baking tray, brick and stone wall

The infographic also explains different functions of 5 nozzles. As you can see that the 0° nozzle nearly disappears in the infographic. It is not recommended to use in any household cleaning tasks, even on concrete since it can damage the surfaces. Personally, I love all-in-one nozzles because of their convenience. I don’t have to change the tips whenever I move to another cleaning task.

Pressure washers are wonderful, aren’t they? I’m sure that you are amazed by how useful they are. So far, I’ve only figured out these cleaning tasks with pressure washers. If you have used yours to clean anything else other than the things I mentioned, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


I enjoy cleaning now and I hope you do too. Happy cleaning and see you in the next post!