6 safest space heaters you can find in 2024

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Space heaters have been proved to be a fast and efficient device that adds supplemental heat to your home. Although space heaters cannot give you as much heat as a traditional central heating system to heat your whole home, they are perfect for making a room or two super warm and toasty.
However, you should always be careful with a space heater. According to National Fire Protection Association, in 2018, space heaters are responsible for 25,000 fires, 6,000 burn-related cases in hospitals and almost 300 deaths. To avoid the risk of accidents, many company have packed their space heaters with safety features and they are really reliable.
With our list of 6 safest space heaters that are suitable for your different needs, space heaters’ accidents can be prevented, ensuring a safe and enjoyable winter.


After all, space heaters only dangerous if we are careless in choosing and using them. With our list of 6 safest space heaters and the complete buying guide as well as safety tips, we hope that you have found a reliable company to go through the harsh and cold winter with you.
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