9 Ways To Balance Your Life During Social Distancing Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic

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In the current complicated situation of coronavirus, many companies have to consider backup operation plans, to ensure the quality of work and personnel.
People have begun testing alternatives for employees to work alternately (for example, one day at work, one day working from home), both to test remote working plans to see if they work and minimize the likelihood of being infected.
If the Covid-19 epidemic spreads more and more, you may feel uncertain or afraid of what is to come. When such anxiety is combined with a sudden decrease in "social interaction", this can lead to negative emotions in humans. If this condition persists, human psychology and health can also be seriously affected.
"Usually people will not realize that we are creatures that need to communicate, need to exchange and share emotions, until that interaction is reduced because we cannot leave our homes." - said Dr. Laura Hawryluck, Professor at the University of Toronto.
Immediately after the end of the SARS epidemic in China in early 2000, Dr. Hawryluck conducted many psychological studies of people isolated from SARS and found out that these people were more prone to psychological illness than normal people.
Being isolated and lack of access to accurate information can lead to a lot of invisible fears, causing stress, sadness, anxiety and anger. Consequently, many people will feel depressed and may have nightmares.
Therefore, you need to be well prepared for every situation when you have to isolate yourself for some reason. Here are the methods that we think you should pay more attention to than just hoarding a few boxes of instant noodles and praying to the heavens to stop the epidemic.


Once you've mastered and prepared for the above, keep your mentality as comfortable and positive as possible. COVID-19 pandemic is not the first time we humans have experienced such hard times. In the past, our ancestors survived. Therefore, we have the right to believe in a bright future that awaits us all.