[Infographic] How to Mow Like A Pro

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You’re fighting tooth and nail to take care of your lawn, but somehow, it is still brown and dry. You’ve got the most expensive mower on the market, hoping it could reverse the situation. However, nothing works and your grass is dying. Your grass doesn’t need a fancy lawn mower to be healthy. In fact if you have a small yard, a small lawn mower under 100 dollars will work just fine. What matters here is how you mow your grass.
If you still have no idea how to mow your lawn properly, then we’ll help you. Here are some rules of thumb that need remembering whenever you take out the mower.

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No matter how well you maintain your mower and how sharp its blade is, mowing won’t be easy if you are not protecting yourself. Wear a hat, good-quality boots, gloves and bring a bottle of water with you to keep yourself hydrated.
We hope you enjoy the article and happy mowing!