Air Speed vs Air Flow: their impacts on leaf blower

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There are a lot of important factors to consider when buying a leaf blower. Let's focus on air speed and CFM and how they actually depend on each other.

What air speed (MPH) is for a leaf blower ?

Air speed leaf blower stands for the speed at which the air is pushed out of the blower through the tube. Its unit is Miles Per Hour (MPH) such as the speed of a car. Consequently, the faster the air is blown, the stronger it pushes the stuff away: the leaves, the dust, the trashes... Therefore, when choosing a leaf blower, one of the first characteristic you should look at is its air speed! Keep in mind that it must be high (> 100 mph).

Basically, the air speed could of a leaf blower be compared to the speed of the wind. When the wind is weak (<50 MPH) leaves barely move. However when the wind blows strongly (>180 MPH) like during storms leaves fly away at a gigh altitude.


To summarize, the air speed and the air flow are basically proportional when the surface is constant. Thus, when the air speed increase the air flow increase as well!
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