Best non smart TVs that don’t spy on you

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Nowadays, there are the so-called smart TVs and the non smart TVs. Non smart TVs are affordable, they respect your privacy, they don’t spy on you as they don’t record you nor they send data of you. Yet, the quality isn’t lacking. Instead, non smart TVs are getting better at a lower price! Check out our 6 non smart TVs!


After all, non smart TVs aren’t really dumb at all. We actually personally prefer non smart TV ‘cuz we usually end up not using most of the smart features of smart TVs that we pay for. While TV technology is getting more complicated, it’s always a wise choice to stick to a “dump” TV that gives you more practical and user-friendly viewing experience.
We hope that with our list of 5 best non smart TVs, you will find a suitable one that can accompany you and your family every night in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Please contact us if you have trouble shopping or comment to improve this list. Thank you very much.