Best Mini Freezers For Apartments And Tiny Houses (With Buying Guide)

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Extra fridge storage space is always practical for large families or for those who rely on frozen meals due to the busy schedule like me. Moreover, having a freezer can cut down on cost since buying groceries in bulk is always cheaper.
A freezer doesn’t have to be huge. There are a lot of mini freezers with big capacity, yet, small footprint. We’ve scoured the Internet for the top-notch small upright and chest freezers that fit your budget.
Here is the list of best mini freezers we’ve found for you. If you are a first-time buyer, make sure you check our throughout buying guide with key features you should look for when buying a small freezer for your home.

Midea WHS-109FW1Best Overall
Midea WHS-109FW1
  • Capacity (Cu.Ft.): 3.0
  • Most popular upright mini freezer that is energy efficient and quiet
Whynter CUF-112SSBest With Lock For Security
Whynter CUF-112SS
  • Capacity (Cu.Ft.): 3.0
  • A mini freezer that locks your food safe from hungry eyes
Northair Upright Freezer with glass doorBest See-Through
Northair Upright Freezer with glass door
  • Capacity (Cu.Ft.): 1.1
  • A elegant and modern way to store your frozen meals
Midea WHS-129C1Most Energy-Efficient
Midea WHS-129C1
  • Capacity (Cu.Ft.): 3.5
  • Its high energy efficiency is an attractive aspect for budget-conscious buyers
Snow Shop Everything Chest FreezerAffordable For Bulk Freezing
Snow Shop Everything Chest Freezer
  • Capacity (Cu.Ft.): 5
  • A cheap “huge” mini freezer for big weekly shopping trips or bulk buying

Best Mini Upright Freezer

Best Mini Chest Freezer


Having a mini freezer at home is very convenient, especially when you have to buy in bulk to prepare for the worst or just want to enjoy the every flavor of summer ice cream. I hope you have found yourself the best mini freezer that fits your space and your budget.
Thank you for reading to the end and happy shopping!